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In gnome 3 you can favourite applications so they appear in the side dock (or in the bottom dock if dash to dock is installed). Normally when you open an application it will open with that same icon however certain applications (Mostly proprietary or manually added launcher icons). See the image below for Aftershot Pro 2.

Duplicate icons aftershot pro

You can either do this via the command line or using a GUI (although some will be via command line). Install an advanced menu editor called "menulibre".

pacaur -y menulibre

Then launch the application normally. Run in a terminal:

xprop WM_CLASS

Then click on the application and it should show some values. For aftershot pro it shows one of the values as "AfterShotPro". Now open Menu Edit (Menulibre) and find the application icon, click advanced and paste the value "AfterShotPro" into the "Startup WM Class" field.


Click the save button near the top and now the application should launch from the favourites icon in the dock.


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