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FreeNAS 9.10 Replication can not mount


Replication has been working fine using a dedicated user until I decided to move my backups from ISCSI shares to NFS shares, thus having to replicate from scratch. The replication seems to work as the dataset is transferred and the data is readable on the remote side. However on the push side it is marked as "Failed", then after a short while it is marked as "Up to date" but no snapshot is listed in the column "Latest snapshot sent to remote side".

In the logs (tail -f /var/log/debug.log) I kept noticing this:

Aug  8 19:19:29 nas autorepl.py: [tools.autorepl:157] Replication result: cannot mount 'RBS-POOL/Backup/Backups': Insufficient privileges

Running this replication again as root worked fine. I created a new test dataset which worked okay as the same dedicated user.

The dedicated user has all the required permissions.

zfs allow RBS-POOL/Backup

---- Permissions on RBS-POOL/Backup -----------------------------
Local+Descendent permissions:
        user user canmount,create,destroy,diff,mount,readonly,receive,refquota,release,send,userprop
---- Permissions on RBS-POOL -----------------------------------------
Local+Descendent permissions:
        user user compression,create,mount,mountpoint,receive


This took some digging but I came across this post which talked about running "sysctl vfs.usermount=1" to allow users to mount. This worked after running the command but I am not sure why I am suddenly getting this error. It seems to be more of a GUI error rather than the replication failing.


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