Restore missing LVM volume group

This post will show you how I managed to restore my laptop after the grub configuration got corrupted and could not find the LVM root partition.
The grub menu booted into grub-rescue which I could not use to boot the LVM partitions as it was an unrecognised file system. Therefore the only thing to do was boot into a LIVE system. I tried several but ended up using an Arch system as I could potentially chroot into the installed system.

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Create IPSec/L2TP, IPSec EAP for Android VPN


Android supports IPSEC/L2TP & IPSEC with XAuth with either PSK or Certificates. I struggled to find any thorough information on setting up the server in its various forms so have written this blog mainly so I don’t forget how to do it! I am using a Ubuntu server with Strongswan providing the IPSec, XL2TPD providing the XL2TP and PPP. IPSec provides the encryption, L2TP does not provide any security! Firewall rules need to be added to prevent someone trying to connect to the L2TP port outside of the IPSec tunnel.

IPSec/L2TP PSK (Pre Shared Key)

Firstly lets start with the easiest one to setup; this doesn’t use certificates so makes it quicker to setup. We need to install strongswan to provide the IPSec, ppp and xl2tpd.

apt-get install strongswan xl2tpd ppp

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Get Android Notifications Gnome Desktop Linux

LinConnect, Great way for Android Notifications to appear in Gnome

I have recently discovered a new application which sends notifications to the Linux notification system via LibNotify. It is beautifully simple and quite useful, incoming calls etc are all sent to the Gnome 3 notification area. Surprisingly so are system notifications such as the GPS chip being accessed so I noticed how often Google Search was accessing it.

I installed this in Arch Linux, the AUR is out of date so I did it manually for now. Just install the following:

  • python2
  • python-pip
  • python-gobject
  • cherrypy (python package)
  • pybonjour (python package)

Make a directory and cd to that directory. Then execute this (Don’t need root):

Once it has installed it will start itself however it requires you to leave the terminal open you executed the commands so either logout and login for it to start in the background as it inserted itself into the start programs or run this:

Here is an example notification:

Notification Text from LinConnect
Notification Text from LinConnect

Android Client:

Play Store Application


All this information was sourced from the developers GitHub page. This is a very useful application and wanted to spread the word 🙂

GitHub – Hauckwill