Add Custom Fields Horde 5 Turba

This post will show you how to add multiple custom fields to Horde 5’s Address Book Application. Annoyingly the system only has an email field by default but there are several ways to easily enable a workEmail and HomeEmail field. There are many tutorials showing you how to do this but I couldn’t find an up to date tutorial on adding a custom field.

Any horde configuration file should not be edited! You should create a .local.php file instead and begin the file with <?php and then add any edits in there.

To enable the homeEmail and workEmail fields then create a new file called /var/www/turba/config/backends.local.php

Add the following (This is for SQL backend):

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ownCloud Mail Setup

This information has been sourced from the owncloud documentation. owncloud Documentation

The following has to be added to the /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php file if you would like owncloud to send password reminder emails. I have created my own mail server and therefore I will be using the SMTP method. I created a login account on my mail server for owncloud and then entered the required information so that owncloud authenticates to the SMTP service on the mail server (Postfix). SSL is used because the mail server is not the same server as the owncloud server and we do not want to send plain text across the internet (It wouldn’t be accepted by the mail server anyway).

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