CherryTree custom codeblock background

A ramble of why…..

…..i want to change the background colour of CherryTree’s codeblocks.

I use Linux as my OS of choice and have for many years. One thing that has been missing is a really good all round note application. I have always wanted something like Onenote but for the past few years I have discovered how powerful markdown is. The use of the ‘`’ (back tick) to insert command line or code in the middle of a document is extremely useful, I find it so much easier to read because it breaks down the text into a consumable form.

These days there are a lot of Electron markdown note taking apps popping up, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I find electron apps don’t look very good at all in Linux. I use typora at work on my Mac and it looks native. The same application just looks pretty bad under Ubuntu. Yes it does look worse because it is a Snap but even under fedora it isn’t great.

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