KDE QT appearance keeps changing to GTK theme

I recently decided to install Arch on my desktop and thought I’d give KDE another go. I have been using Gnome 3 on my laptop for a while and I wanted to try something else.
One issue had been integrating the look of GTK and QT apps. I set the GTK theme to be oxygen-gtk and I set the qt widget theme to oxygen. It accepted the change without errors and the open windows would change. When I opened another window it changed back to using the GTK theme in my QT apps even though in the settings it was set to oxygen. I finally figured it out after reading this: Arch Forum

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Ubuntu/Linux WIll not sleep when MythTV Backend is running

This has been very frustrating as I initially thought Ubuntu would not sleep because of the graphics drivers. I figured out it would not sleep when the mythtv backend service was running. It would just sit there with a blinking cursor and totally unresponsive.
To have Ubuntu disable mythtv backend service before sleep and start it again after waking up we need to add a file to /etc/pm/sleep.d/*file name*

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